From party animals to sun worshippers, cultural enthusiasts to nature lovers, Nungwi is your one- stop Zanzibari holiday town.

This large village at the northern tip of Unguja, familiarly called Zanzibar, can be reached from Stone Town without too much difficulty. The village is approximately 60 km from the airport and can be reached by taxi. Its a cultural experience on your drive up where you see a place where traditional and modern knock against each other with full force, even the final approach road can be so bumpy at times, you’ll cling to anything that’s firmly bolted down.

Environmental issues in Nungwi are both crucial and challenging. We live on a small and beautiful island with little education that we need to maintain as naturally as possible and yet the addition of many large resorts and their accompanying consumption and waste has a substantial impact.

Water supply for most places in Nungwi is only available by truck, where they fill up reservoirs to be able to have the use of fresh water.

The local current is 220- 240 VAC 50Hz. plug sockets take the three square pin British plugs. There are still occasional power cuts in Zanzibar, but it’s becoming less frequent. Visitors are advised not to leave expensive electrical appliance plugged in when not in use, due to occasional power surges.

All visitors to Zanzibar require a passport. Passports must be valid for 6 months and have at least two clear pages. Most nationalities also require a visa. They are easily available on arrival at the airport and payable in US Dollar only.

Visitors are required to show a yellow fever certificate before entering Zanzibar. Malaria is not common any more in Zanzibar but we advise you consult your doctor. Cover up after the sunset and use mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Sleep with a mosquito net. HIV is a threat! Protection should be used. Drink bottled or well boiled water and make sure the seal is unbroken.

The tropical sun in Zanzibar is very strong, especially in midday. Sunscreen with high SPF and a shady hat are preferable, together with sun glasses. Please ensure that you have comprehensive insurance to cover the unlikely event of serious accident.

The local currency in Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Shilling (TSh). US dollar bank notes are also widely accepted as payment throughout the island. Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted at few establishments. There are ATM cash machines in Stone Town. So be sure to visit an ATM/Exchange Bureau before leaving Stone Town.

Today it's a major tourist destination, thanks in part to stunning sunsets and lush tropical beachside where the ocean is a crisp clear turquoise & the water envelopes you with its warmth and local fishing dhows still launch from the beach – a scene unchanged for centuries –

Here, guests become family, paradise is found, and experiences become lasting memories.


Ocean Based - Beach, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game Fishing, Parasailing, SUP Boards, Boat Cruises, Kayaking, Sunset Cruises

Land Based - Yoga, Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Natural Pool, Baraka Natural Turtle Aquarium, Tazari Caves, Buggy Tours, Bazaars & Gift Shops

All Tours can be arranged at Beach Baby Lodge.


Stone Town Ruins & Allies (Old Fort, Slave Market, House of Wonder, Mercury House, Darajani Market, Shop for Souvenirs & Antiques), Spice Tour, Jozani Forest & Mangroves, Quad Tours, Prison Island, Safari Blue, Cheetahs Rock.

All Tours can be arranged at Beach Baby Lodge.


Nungwi is peppered with a range of night-time venues, catering to many tastes and guaranteeing a good evening. From rustic beachside restaurants to more upmarket hotel restaurants.

“Pub-hop” along the shoreline as you sample different menus.

For those wishing to increase the pace a little, don’t miss the cheerful Rasta beachside bars where in the wee hours dhow-deck bar surfaces become dance floors and a midnight dip in the sea cools you down.